If you’re reading this post chances are you understand the importance of having a buyers list… or you’ve begun to realize you will need to build a buyers list to succeed at real estate investing. There’s really only one main reason why, as an investor, you would want to build a large buyers list.

Having a huge buyers list allows you to quickly sell any house you get under contract.

So why isn’t every investor taking the time to build their own massive buyers list? The answer is simple… They just don’t know where to get started. This is why we have taken the time to put together a list of the best ways for you to start building your own buyers list.


Before You Start


Before we dive into the different places and strategies you can use to build your buyers list, I want to talk about what you are going to need in order to make it work.

There is a huge debate online as to whether or not you need to find a deal in order to start building your buyers list. The truth is you don’t. BUT, it does make it a whole lot easier if you do already have a house under contract. Each and every strategy can be done without having a deal, but be prepared to put in extra work and effort. With that being said, let’s dive right into our list of strategies you can use to build your buyers list.


1 – Craigslist

Craigslist is always a great place to start when looking to build a buyers list. It’s great because there is actually two different ways you can use Craigslist.

The first way is by posting your deal as a for sale ad. It is important that you don’t share the address of the property you have under contract. You can do this by creating an ad and posting it in the Real Estate – For Sale By Owner section. It’s good to post several pictures of the property, give as much information you can, and put your phone number and website so they can get a hold of you.

If you don’t have a deal to post, then you will need to take a different approach. When you don’t have a property to post onto Craigslist, the next best strategy is to post ads in the for sale by owner section just letting people know you have houses for sale. Create ads saying you’re looking for buyers and share post how they can get a hold of you.

The other way you can use Craigslist to build a buyers list is to be pro active and reach out to all the investors posting ads that they buy houses. Most of these investors will put their phone number and website. Just give them a call or visit their website and ask them if they want to be put on your buyers list.

2 – Bandit Signs

Bandits signs are actually a great way to build a buyers list. But, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. I am not suggesting that you go around town putting up bandit signs that say you buy houses. Instead, call the numbers that you see on local bandit signs. Just like with Craigslist ask the investors hanging bandit signs if they want to be added to your buyers list.

3 – Local Investor Meetups

Depending on the city you live in, there may be 1 or a few local investor meetups. You can see if there are by using meetup.com. Do your best to attend any meeting you can and let the people there know you are an investor and have properties you are selling. Exchange business cards with the other people there and ask them if they would like to be on your buyers list.

4 – Google Search

Using google is a powerful way to find local investors. Simply go to Google and search phrases like, “We buy houses [city]” or “Sell my house in [city]”. Go to every website you find that looks like an investor and get in contact with them. You can call them or email them if they have shared that information on the website. Or, you can visit their contact us page and send them a message that way.

5 – Facebook Groups

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Everyone is on there, including investors. The best way to use Facebook for building a buyers list is by joining Investor Facebook Groups and connecting with other investors in your local area. You can create new member messages and say something like, “Hello everyone. Thank you for accepting me into the group. My name is [name] and I invest in [city name]. If you are also investing in [city name] we should definitely connect.”

Make sure that you don’t spam groups. Try and engage with as many people as possible and do your best to share as much value as possible.

6 – Biggerpockets

Biggerpockets is probably the largest real estate investing forum on the internet. It’s a great place to learn and connect with other investors in your area. It’s also a place where you can share your deals and have buyers come to you. You can also take advantage of their search feature and find investors in your city. A lot of them will have their information on their profile.

7 – Foreclosure Auctions

Going to your local courthouse is another great way to find buyers. Make sure to look out for auction dates and try to make every single one. It’s important to look out for the people that are ACTUALLY buying houses. The ones with the money. Strike up a conversation and let them know you have houses you’re looking to sell. Don’t be afraid to ask them to put them on your list.

8 – Attend Seminars

Lot’s of times teachers and gurus like to host free or low cost seminars. They mainly have them in bigger cities, so you may need to do some driving. While there it’s good to network and let people know you are building your buyers list. Make sure to take some business cards with you.

9 – Newspaper Ads

Newspapers are still not dead. There are several investors that still like to advertise on local newspapers. Keep an out for these ads and get in contact with those investors. Again, ask them if it is fine that you put them on your buyers list.

10 – Connected Investors

Connected investors is another REI forum. It’s not as big as biggerpockets, but it’s still a great place to connect with other investors.

11 – Instagram

Instagram has become a huge social network. So much so that real estate investors are quickly creating accounts. You can find other investors by searching for hashtags like #realestateinvestor #flippinghouses and #houseflipper. This may take a lot of time, but it is another way to build your list.

Time To Get Started

There you have it. Some of the listed strategies are easier than other, but it’s still a good idea to try and get your message out in as many places as possible.